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# Debian system images

## Usage

 1) Download image:
        curl --remote-name
 2) Locate device name of your microSD card:
    * Maybe /dev/disk/by-id/my-sd-card (Linux, modern style)
    * Maybe /dev/sdh or /dev/mmcblk7   (Linux, classic style)
    * Maybe /dev/rdisk5                (Mac OSX)
    * Try watch log files while plugging it in (hit CTRL+c to stop):
        tail --follow /var/log/*.log
    * Try check before and after card is plugged in that device changes:
        file --special-files /dev/disk/by-id/my-sd-card
 3) Make sure card is plugged in, but not mounted.
 4) Decompress and copy image onto card:
    a) Simple method: Do it as separate steps (adjust names as needed):
        gunzip --keep core-lime2-1.0b14.img.gz
        sudo cp core-lime2-1.0b14.img /dev/disk/by-id/my-sd-card
    b) Fast method: Do it combined (adjust names as needed):
        sudo sh -c 'zcat core-lime2-1.0b14.img.gz > /dev/disk/by-id/my-sd-card'
 5) Connect card, ethernet and HDMI to box, then power, and login at prompt:
    * Username: debian
    * Password: insecure
 6) Switch to root account:
        sudo -i
 7) Extend the system partition to use the whole disk:
 8) To connect to an open wifi hotspot do something like this:
        ip link set wlan0 up
        iw dev wlan0 scan | less
        iw dev wlan0 connect some_SSID_from_above_without_encryption

## Source

These binary images are built from Debian packages and build routines
written by Jonas Smedegaard.  The build routines, available at
<>, are licensed under the GNU General
Public License, version 3 or newer.

When this README file is accompagnied by binary installer images, the
following applies to satisfy license requirements:

I hereby offer to provide the source code for the relevant Debian binary
packages, included in the installer, on request.  However, you will
probably find it easier to acquire these packages from the official
Debian resources, and/or

Jonas Smedegaard <>  Thu, 03 Nov 2016 02:54:03 +0100